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Our vision

A very large number of innovative services are at your disposal in the public cloud ecosystem with important characteristics such as flexibility, elasticity, scalability, security and accessibility. This allows you to offer your users solutions with better performance, more safety, higher reliability and more cost control than private and hybrid cloud options.

Furthermore, it enables you to innovate like never before; combine data and translate it into meaningful information, build new smart functionality – it has all become much easier and more efficient. 

The transition to the cloud is not a goal in itself, but it can enable you to become significantly more agile and innovative. When you consider the total cost of ownership it also yields a positive business case. Together with our customers we are exploring how these ‘new’ solutions address ‘old’ IT concerns and how they deliver tangible benefits when applied with good judgement.

Interesting cloud facts & figures


of end-users prefer cloud over on-premise


of enterprises run one or more applications in the cloud


of enterprises have plans to go multi-cloud