Cambrian is the geological period during which biodiversity increased exponentially; the ‘Cambrian explosion’. In the beginning of this period, there were only unicellular and simple multicellular organisms but due to the emergence of favourable conditions for life an enormous diversity of living organisms emerged. There is an analogy with the changed circumstances in IT: over the past decades, cloud-based platforms have emerged upon which countless new building blocks have been developed. The arsenal of modern technologies is enormous and the pace of innovation is unrivalled.

New suppliers offer functional components as ready-made services with all the necessary interfaces and at substantially lower entry costs. This allows the building of the appropriate flexible IT architectures with which data is generated and processed an order of magnitude more productively and efficiently than before. The era where all-encompassing software platforms were offered by few dominant vendors has come to an end.

For organisations it is important – sometimes even necessary – to take advantage of these attractive opportunities. Start ups quickly adopted this new way of operations. In recent years, many mature organisations have made the switch. This includes companies and institutions that have defined for themselves or are subject to strict requirements. As a result, traditional choices that were logical and safe not long ago are now challenged by serious question marks. It is no longer a question of whether but where, how and especially when the new possibilities are being used.

This question is most difficult to answer in places where IT has been built up over the course of several years. It is easiest to change course on the ‘outside’, as is the case with websites and stand-alone applications that support non-primary processes. Useful, because for customers and internal users, these are visible places where the current IT supply is no longer in line with their requirements. But as you work further towards the ‘inside’, you are confronted with technical and organisational choices that have been made long ago and are increasingly at odds with the new world. This is where most of the budget is consumed and the place where ultimately the pace of change is frustrated. A complex transition lasting many years seems inevitable.

Our motivation is to help clients switch faster and more easily to new ‘Cambrian technologies’ in exactly such situations; especially in places where the shoe pinches the most. We work out how the dot on the horizon looks for the organisation and which path leads to it the quickest. By not considering the transition as a succession of smaller, isolated steps, it becomes manageable and can usually take place faster than expected. Our help is practical and based on our own experience: for the majority of our clients we also carry out the implementation and then manage the new IT landscape. In this manner we ensure that our clients benefit from the new IT era!

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